How to build an empire with the 5 stages of leadership



When you pull the veil behind any great company, you find great leadership. But how do you build greater leaders? What we look at is the 5 stages of leadership, and how great companies have used that over the years to build great leaders. To help you better understand maybe what stage you’re on, maybe what stage some of your other leaders are on, and think about how you can grow to become stage five leaders, let’s take a look at the breakdown:

Stage 1:

Stage 1 leadership, at the very bottom, is to think, really, that people follow you because you have a position. People don’t necessarily follow you because you have a position, so a stage one leader is, literally just having the title. Obviously, that’s not going to be very effective. Just because you have a title, you’ve been put in a position, and people are supposed to follow you, doesn’t mean that they will. So that’s stage 5 leadership. It’s just, really, having a position and expecting people to follow you. So you don’t want to stay there very long. You want to move to stage 2, so let’s talk about that.

Stage 2:

Stage 2 leadership is people follow you because they like you. You’ve built some relationships, you’ve built some rapport. So not only do you have the title, you have the position, but you also have, really, the authority with regards your relationship that you built, and they like you. That’s stage 2 leadership. That’s where you want to get first. So once you get, really, kind of pinpointed a the leader, based on your title, you now want to build relationships to get them like you, and you’ve moved to stage 2 leadership.

Stage 3:

Stage 3 leadership is that you drive results. So not only do you have the title, and people like you, but you drive results. You do what you say, you say what you do, and you deliver results. You perform well, and your team, thus, performs well, also. And so, you are really an executor at this stage. And so you want to get to stage three as quickly as you can. This is when you start to really start to become the leader that you need to be, but let’s talk about stage four.

Stage 4:

Stage 4 leadership is you exceed expectations. So not only do you have the title, and people like you, and you perform well, you drive results, but you’re now really moving into new territory that a lot of leaders maybe don’t quite get to, which is exceeding expectations. You go above and beyond. You do things that your team maybe wouldn’t think that you would do, right, typically. You do things for your customers, going above and beyond, so you create this attitude, and this effort, of exceeding expectations at all times. You really start leading by example. If you start leading by example, and people are following you, and you’re exceeding expectations, they will also. And so this is getting to stage 4 leadership, where you really start to see some powerful results.

Stage 5:

And stage 5 leadership, is people follow you because you just exceed expectations, and you execute excellently. People respect you, they like you, and they just outright want to follow you. Really, what you do and what you live is execution excellence every day. Inside of work and outside of work, you’re all around just somebody trying to be a better person all the time, and that’s inspiring to others. So you have the title, people like you, you drive results, you exceed expectations, and you just really build and earn respect through execution excellence, and if you can get to stage 5 leadership, you’re going to have the most impact on your team, and your team is going to be really successful, and they’re going to see you as an example worth following.

And so here’s the deal:

You’re on different stages with different people. And so, what you need to think about is, with one person, you might be a stage 5, with somebody else, maybe you’re just on stage one. And so you really need to think about each individual person in your organization, and this actually also applies to customers especially if you work with them on a daily basis. Think about the different stages each of these people are on, and try to really do what you can do best to try to build yourself to a stage 5 leadership with each individual person. If you can do that, you’re going to get the most out of your organization, and you’re really going to grow. Perfect, so thanks for reading. Hopefully, this article really gave you some ideas on how you can become a better leader, maybe coach some of your team to become better leaders, try to build everybody up to stage 5 leadership Maybe you can even work on this with your relationship with some of your customers, too, can be really powerful.

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