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Over 15 years experience in the industry

Here at Brosell Business Solutions we are committed to providing corporate solutions and increasing revenue by focusing on growing the motivation, knowledge and skillset of front-line employees. We assess your corporate culture, and provide customized, specific content training both online and through live workshops to educate and inspire the most valuable asset in your business – your people.

With over 15years experience, we understand the challenges of generational gaps, and how hard it can be to truly engage and retain great people. We focus on fun, interactive and engaging content that appeals to your employees’ personal goals and aligns with organizational desired outcomes by linking values and bringing your mission to life.

Our Corporate Solutions

We provide up to date resources & training materials that are not currently available in the market today.
We analyze gaps in operational workflows, and create then implement solutions to mediate identified issues.
We teach classes that are engaging, and enjoyable which enable our learners to retain information for inspired action.

Meet the team

Lynn Bussell


Lynn Bussell has been in client focused consulting for the past 15 years. He has successfully navigated many corporate roles ranging from Information Technology to Healthcare consulting. From his diverse experience he is able to provide multiple levels of corporate solutions and positively influence high performing teams. He specializes in assessing corporate workflows and employee engagement to recommend the proper business solutions, so that organizations work in the most effective and efficient manner.

Julia Brodska


Julia is a qualified corporate trainer from Australia with over 7 years experience, teaching nationally recognized qualifications ranging from Certificate III in Retail Operations up to Advanced Diploma in Business and Management. In the USA, she is a qualified ServSafe© Proctor and has been teaching corporate classes for large organizations on various topics such as leadership, on-boarding, customer service, as well as mindset, motivation and emotional intelligence. Julia is an upbeat and engaging instructor who will ensure you and your team leave her classes with high-level knowledge and the motivation to succeed.

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