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Committed to excellence

Over 15 years experience in the industry

Consulting, and customized business solutions for large corporations focussing on corporate wellness, training, systems, work-flow management and employee motivation.

We understand the complexities and provide efficient and cost effective long term solutions. We bridge the gap between high level corporate and front line employees. “Give us your business problems and we will walk through walls to fix them for you”

Courses also available for individuals wanting to improve their skills, progress in their career and improve their overall motivation and wellness

Our Corporate Solutions

We provide up to date resources & training materials that are not currently available in the market today.
We analyze gaps in operational workflows, and create then implement solutions to mediate identified issues.
We teach classes that are engaging, and enjoyable which enable our learners to retain information for inspired action.

Start-Ups & Small Business

Customized Solutions for startup and small businesses focusing on all, or desired areas of operations. Research, implementation, training and handover program created to suit your business needs. Areas such as fundamentals, customer service, safety, security, policies and procedures, onboarding, training and operational analysis available.

Corporate Business Solutions

Implementation of current systems and resources, or customized solutions for your organization's needs. Analysis of operational opportunities, programs available through workshops, one-on-one training and online modules. Employee motivation program also available online and classroom based

Individual Online Courses

Need help achieving your goals or progressing in the workplace? We offer necessary online courses such as servsafe in a fun and engaging way, plus other core skills such as job skills, interview skills, dream programs, personal and social skills which will help you in the workplace. Plus, motivation programs focused on improving in all 7 area's of life!

ServSafe© Online Training and Exam

Our fun and engaging interactive servsafe© online course will help make sure you are ready and confident for your exam.
Make sure your team are equipped with the knowledge needed in the workplace! Sign up today!

Customized Learning for business

  • Corporate Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Training
  • Small Business Training
  • Start-Up Coaching

what our students have to say about us

Melissa - Atlanta, GA

"I just would like to say thank you so much 😊 for giving me the opportunity of being apart of your class you really made me want to learn and listen to every word you taught I really appreciate it! Julie you are the best!"

Jorge - Miami, FL

"Amazing group session, would definitely recommend. I was worried and nervous when I had to do the exam for my job, but after the class I felt excited and confident to pass - which I did yay!"